Seeing Yourself Through The Eyes of Love

Seeing Yourself Through The Eyes of Love:
A Profound Journey Towards Self Love & Forgiveness...

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Check Out Other People's Experience of
Seeing Yourself Through The Eyes of Love...

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    Dear Kevin,

    I just finished experiencing your recording and wanted to write this immediately... That was, without a doubt, the most powerful and profound hypnotic journey I have ever experienced!

    I qualify that by saying that over the past decade, I have had several wonderful live sessions with talented hypnotists in addition to listening to many recordings on a wide variety of topics.

    From the very beginning, you set a commanding, yet welcoming and safe tone that allowed me to completely and fully engage. Tears flowed spontaneously as I connected with my beloved mother.

    What a joy to see myself through her adoring eyes! Being able to revisit special times with her was invaluable and inspiring, reminding me to create even more memories with her.

    The piano music you selected is perfect. Almost a metronome that somehow keeps pace with your voice yet doesn't overwhelm it, it is simply beautiful.

    The journey back to childhood was also very well executed. I felt perfectly safe and somehow, felt no pressure to "find" a time...just allowed myself to be led back by your voice.

    I wondered if I would be allowed time to relate with my child-self and you delivered ~excellent timing!

    I especially loved the way you brought me forward through time, letting my past heal progressively, forcefully yet not overwhelmingly.

    And, arriving home; what can I say? In that moment, I felt like Dorothy, returned from Oz...changed, lightened...filled with love.

    Your themes, love and forgiveness, seem so simple, yet they are life changing, aren't they?

    Kevin, you have woven an incredible tapestry that anyone, who allows themselves to experience, will come away from changed forever. I congratulate you!

    And, I thank you for sharing it with me. I will let you know its continued effects...


    Kelley T. Woods
Buy The Audio Experience Now For Only $49!


Buy Practitioner's PDF Guide Now For Only $49!

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